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DocuTrap: You Can Spy Your Hacker.

Your Advanced Guard Against Data Leaks.
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Why DocuTrap Was Born

DocuTrap was born out of the realization that despite the best defenses, data breaches can still happen. Our solution enables companies to immediately detect these breaches, providing an essential tool for post-breach response and mitigation.

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Even with the most advanced security measures, data breaches are an unpredictable reality. DocuTrap gives you the ability to detect unauthorized access to your sensitive data, allowing you to act quickly to mitigate the consequences.

Why you need DocuTrap

In a digital age where information is more valuable than gold, protecting your company’s sensitive data has never been more critical.

Despite efforts to strengthen defenses, no system is impervious.

Data breaches can slip under the radar until it’s too late, with devastating consequences for reputation, customer trust and financial stability

That’s where DocuTrap comes in

Prevention Is Not Enough

Even the best security practices can fail. DocuTrap ensures that you are immediately notified in the event of a breach, allowing you to act quickly.

Quick Response

Time is critical in the event of a data breach. With DocuTrap, you can identify the incident and begin the mitigation process before the damage spreads.

Intelligence on the Threat

DocuTrap not only alerts you to a breach, but also provides valuable information about where it occurred, helping you strengthen your defenses for the future.

Costs of Breaches

Data breaches are costly, not only in terms of penalties and legal action but also in lost business. DocuTrap is an investment in your business resilience.

Use Cases for DocuTrap

Intellectual Property Protection

Companies developing innovative products and technologies can use DocuTrap to protect their intellectual property. By placing trap documents among important files, they can immediately detect unauthorized access and take steps to prevent the loss of vital information.

DocuTrap: You Can Spy Your Hacker.

Financial Sector

Banks and financial institutions, custodians of sensitive customer data, can employ DocuTrap to monitor unauthorized access to financial reports or customer records. This helps prevent fraud and data breaches that could compromise customers’ financial security.

DocuTrap: You Can Spy Your Hacker.


In the healthcare industry, where privacy and security of patient data are of utmost importance, DocuTrap can help facilities detect unauthorized access to medical records and sensitive data, helping to maintain compliance with regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA.

DocuTrap: You Can Spy Your Hacker.

Legal Services

Law firms and corporate legal departments can employ DocuTrap to protect sensitive and privileged information. Trap documents can be placed among case files to alert of any suspicious access, thus protecting attorney-client confidentiality.

DocuTrap: You Can Spy Your Hacker.

Education and Research

Universities and research centers can use DocuTrap to safeguard ongoing research and student data. Trap documents can be used to flag unauthorized access to theses, patentable research, or personal student data.

DocuTrap: You Can Spy Your Hacker.

Telecommuting and Distributed Environments

With the rise of telecommuting, DocuTrap offers a solution for companies that want to monitor the security of corporate data on distributed devices and networks, ensuring that unauthorized access is immediately detected and managed.

DocuTrap: You Can Spy Your Hacker.

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