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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI-driven document customization?

AI-driven document customization utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically tailor trap documents to closely mimic your genuine documents, making them indistinguishable to intruders and increasing the likelihood of detecting unauthorized access.

How do customizable alerts work?

Customizable alerts allow you to set up notifications based on specific triggers or events related to your trap documents. You can choose the method of alert, such as email or Telegram, and define the criteria for each alert, ensuring you receive timely and relevant notifications.

What does real-time detection mean?

Real-time detection refers to the capability of the system to instantly identify and notify you of any unauthorized access or interaction with your trap documents. This ensures you can act swiftly to potential security threats.

Can I set up DocuTrap on multiple devices?

Yes, DocuTrap is designed to work across multiple devices and platforms, including USB sticks, network paths, and cloud storage.

Is DocuTrap suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely. Since DocuTrap operates through the generation of documents embedded with digital traps, there’s no need for software installation. These documents can be placed in various locations, including USB drives, network paths, cloud storage, or email drafts, allowing you to monitor unauthorized access across multiple devices and platforms effortlessly.

Can I customize the documents with my own text?

Yes, you can personalize the trap documents with your own text to make them blend seamlessly with your genuine documents, enhancing the chances of detecting unauthorized access. Just remember test it!

Why do I need to generate multiple documents?

Generating multiple documents allows you to monitor different areas or types of information within your organization. By placing these documents in various locations or on different devices, from USB sticks to network resources, it becomes easier to understand where and when unauthorized access occurred. This diversified approach increases the likelihood of catching breaches by providing more points of detection.

What should I do if a trap is triggered?

If a trap is triggered, it indicates potential unauthorized access. You should immediately follow your pre-determined incident response plan, which may include assessing the breach, securing your systems, and notifying the necessary authorities or stakeholders.

I need more DocuTrap documents; how can I obtain them?

If you require additional documents, you can easily upgrade your plan or purchase extra document credits through your account dashboard. This flexibility ensures you can scale your security measures according to your organization’s needs.

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